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New Shape Mega Nov 2012

Mega e-Worker, The utility vehicle for the 21st Century
With an entirely new design and available exclusively in the electric version, the latest MEGA model is a clever addition to rolex replica the existing range.

The e-Worker is an electrically propelled model, with a very tight lock (3 or 4 metres, depending on wheelbase) and really compact external dimensions, so that it can squeeze in almost anywhere.

With its robust construction, its loading capacity, its ability to tow and its dynamic performance, the MEGA e-Worker is a real multi-tasker which meets the needs of demanding users, whatever sort of replica watches business they may be in.

Its panoramic cab and its full window doors constitute an original design but above all they provide optimum visibility for increased safety. Its large internal volume, its spaciousness, especially its flat floor, and a driving position which is completely natural - everything has been designed to make the e-Worker an efficient compact utility vehicle.

Like all MEGA utilities, the e-Worker is available in several versions and with a large and varied range of replica watches equipment. Two types of homologation are available, two wheelbase lengths and it can also be supplied with a choice of three battery packs.

The three battery packs consist of 36 open lead elements of 2v in series for powers of 8.6 kWh, 11.5 kWH and 17.3 kWh.

Useable load and volume: from 600 to 850 kg
Towing capacity: Up to 1425 kg (braked towed vehicle)
Maximum speed: 40 kph (24.85 mph) for the quadricycle version, 25 kph (15.5 mph) for the carrying truck and machine versions.
Stability and road-holding are faultless: Front drive - Wheelbase 2325 mm, track 1299 mm - Rigid aluminium chassis
Really roomy: Spacious cab - Width across shoulders: 1160 mm Homologated for use on public road: In France (depending on version) and no driver's licence required.


Clean - Green - Safe - Quiet - Economic�

Itìean Electric engine means no green house emissions.

It's Green The whole vehicle has been designed and built to be recyclable. 95% of the components can be re-used on other vehicles or for other applications, making the MEGA city one of the most recyclable vehicles on the road

It's Safe The vehicles are safety tested to the same level as all similar small cars and provide the driver and passengers with comfort and security through its inherent safe design.

It's Quiet The electric engine is far quieter than any petrol or diesel equivalent. It has no noisy exhaust.

It's Economic Low running costs 1.5p road tax exempt London's Congestion zone its exempt from congestion charging and in certain parts of the city you can gain access to free parking allocated to green vehicles.

Its The Mega utility vehicle A contemporary and attractive design. It is lightweight and easy to handle to suit all works, traders, businesses and communities, for provision of all types of services.
It is compact, practical and economical - making it a mini-logistics specialist.


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