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Mega FAQ


Can I drive an Aixam with a motorcycle license?
Legislation from March 2001 states that any person who has passed the full motorcycle test before 1 March 2001 has automatic entitlement to drive a quadricycle, however, any person taking a full motorcycle test after this date is not entitled to drive an Aixam on a motorcycle license.

What mpg do I get?
Diesel - 90 mpg


On the electric version how long would a charge last?
One charge lasts up to 9 hrs


What is the maximum speed of the vehicles?
The Aixam 500.5 diesel has a maximum speed of 55 mph.

What is the insurance grouping?
Aixam is the only quadricycle manufacturer to be referenced by the Association of British Insurers and to satisfy the Asssociation's stringent technical and safety standards. As a result the Aixam 500.5 has been classed as an insurance Group 1


What is the road tax?

The road tax system in the UK is based on the number of wheels on the vehicle. The road tax for the Aixam quadricyle is therefore á° as it falls within the light car category.


Who are Mega ?

In 2002 AIXAM MEGA entered into the Light Utiility Vehicle Market, with the MEGA MultiTruck, using the technical expertise of the highly successful AIXAM brand of light vhehicles, the European market leader of Quadricyles for over 25 years.

The MEGA MultiTruck offers practical, compact, robust and economic solutions to transport needs, including landscape and parks managment, pedestrian zone maintenance, waste management or local site transport in hospitals, colleges and campsites.

Can I buy an Aixam vehicle cheaper directly from France?
No, Aixam is perhaps the only manufacturer that has a Pan European pricing policy. Any price difference would be due to transport and storage coasts in the UK.




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