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Mega Pick-up




Simple - Accessible - Versatile
The Mega Pick-Up is suitable for all types of work. It has an extremely low loading platform makes loading operations easy.

The aluminium chassis and polyester body means that the MEGA MultiTruck is resistant to water, mud, maritime environments, etc. It is compact and easy to handle and can get into places where a small size is needed.

Robust - Corrosion resistant 
Brilliant design

Low running costs

VAT recoverable

Electric or Diesel
Compact, Ideal for narrow roads


The versatility of the Mega has not gone unnoticed and an increasing number of local authorities are adding Megas to their fleets, either to supplement existing operations, or to replace heavy and unwieldy conventional vehicles.
Operational uses currently see Megas serving in street cleaning services, parks and cemetery maintenance, internal delivery services, and hospital waste control to name just a few of the tasks the lightweight truck is suited to.


Low Loading Level
38 cm for the diesel version and 50 cm for the electric version.

Easy Cleaning
The rear platform is made of polyester, will not corrode and is easy to clean. A jet of water is all that is required.

Load Protection
A wire cage extension is available as an option to safely carry light bulky loads. A net can be fitted to complete this side extension.

Cab Protection
A cab frame is available as an option to protect the back of the cab when carrying heavy or corrosive material.

Technical specifications

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Mega Pick-up Gallery


Garden Centre Mega

If low emissions are a key factor in fleet purchasing there is little that can match the electric powered Mega. Where the location is right the electric Mega with its range of 62 miles ⥣hargeable overnight - gives an excellent, emission-free, light utility vehicle.

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