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Mega Chassis Cab





Versatility - Reliability - Personality
The Mega Chassis Cab can be adapted for any need.

The bolted aluminium chassis ensures durability and remains corrosion free! The KUBOTA diesel engine and

General Electric motor have been proven extremely reliable.

Robust - Corrosion resistant 
Brilliant design

Low running costs

VAT recoverable

Electric or Diesel
Compact, Ideal for narrow roads


If you want to crack a nut, you can always use a bigger hammer. However, the bigger the hammer the more it costs; the greater the effort you need to swing it; the more likelihood there is of the nut being smashed instead of cracked.

How often have you needed a man on site with minimal tools to carry out a minor operation, only to have to send a full sized van to pick up a dropped bag of refuse? How often have your employees had to stop at the park gates because their full sized van would damage the footpath or the grass if it went any further? The chances are the answer is, all too often.

For the first time in the UK market the Mega offers a compact, lightweight, four wheel, weatherproof environment for tackling the lighter jobs in waste and facilities management. Available in electric and diesel.


Power Equipment:

The Choice:
Diesel or electric: Mega vehicles incorporate a KUBOTA 479 cm3 capacity diesel engine or a 12 battery General Electric DC electric motor with separate excitation. Both engines have proven reliability.

Easy to fit
Due to a low centre of gravity.
Front wheel drive simplifies the chassis, and allows for a large number of arrangements.

Good Visability
The rear window of the cab gives excellent visibility when manoeuvring or watching the loading.


Technical specifications

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Mega Cassis Cab Gallery


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